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Arden in the Community

Volunteerism and giving back is a big part of the Arden culture. Our values of hard work and commitment extend into the communities where we live and work. Through contributions of time, ideas and financial resources, Arden invests in programs, institutions and organizations that meet human needs and give back to the community.

Arden Realty actively supports a number of local and nationally known social service organizations and seeks to have a positive influence through three primary channels: Education, Community Development and Environment.

Each year, we exceed our volunteer hour goal and intend to make this year no exception. We have our work cut out for us – pledging 14 hours per employee, a total of 3000 hours for the company. Yet many do not stop there. Volunteer events range from beach cleanups and tree-planting to participating in a walk/run, or packing care packages for our troops. All year round, Arden employees are making a difference.