Arden Realty, inc. is one of the nation's leading developers and innovators of sustainable real estate. For over a decade, Arden Realty has been leading the way in real estate through their diverse energy efficiency programs. Arden pursues green initiatives not only because they care about corporate citizenship and their carbon footprint but also because they value their tenants and want to provide them with the best environments in which to work.

Arden offers comprehensive sustainability building renovations and in-house expertise that ensures the highest standards of sustainability, as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other leading building rating agencies.

In order to provide the highest level of sustainable real estate service to tenants, Arden leverages its global operating platform under its parent company, GE Capital Real Estate. GE's ecomagination program is unprecedented in its community outreach and sustainable products. For more information log onto:

Arden's Sustainability Strategy

  • Best Practices: Arden has an in-house dedicated team of operational professionals that are trained and educated in best green practices.
  • Committed Partners: Arden partners with their tenants and promotes engagement through continuing education and adopting new technology.
  • Sustainable Operations: Arden implements programs that increase awareness and achieve greater energy efficiencies in operational performance.
  • Dedicated Vision: Arden monitors its buildings through sophisticated technology that ensures the best green practices are achieved long-term.

In-house expertise

Arden has an in-house dedicated team of operational professionals that are trained and educated in best green practices and sustainable technology.

For the past 11 years, Arden Realty has been a leader in sustainable practices, including:

  • Repeatedly cited by the Environmental Protection Agency as the "Commercial Real Estate Owner of the Year" for innovative energy initiatives and for owning the most energy efficient buildings in a single portfolio in the United States.
  • Cited as Energy Star Partner of the Year three years in a row for leadership in energy efficiency for Commercial Real Estate.
  • Awarded State of California's 2005 Flex Your Power Award for "ongoing commitment to saving energy, money and protecting our natural environment."
  • Arden continues its LEED-EBOM portfolio certification program, with 17 buildings registered.


Arden Realty has always been a leader in sustainability but now more than ever, is raising the bar for new standards of energy efficiencies in real estate. In 2011, Arden launched ArdenACCESS - an Enterprise Building Automation Platform, internet-based tool that tracks energy usage and collects utility, weather, electric meter and building automation system data. Some of the benefits to Arden tenants are:

  • A custom work environment specific to the comfort and desire of each tenant
  • The best possible indoor air quality for all employees
  • Allows internal experts to execute diagnostics, provide alarm response and notification, and issue commands for afterhours or demand response.
  • Enables Arden tenants to further contribute to Corporate Sustainability and best practices.

ArdenACCESS was approved through GE's rigorous ecomagination certification process, a huge testament to the value of the program. Through use of ArdenACCESS, a typical 140,000 square foot office building could reduce its energy consumption by 9 percent or approximately 250,000 kWh annually, avoiding over 150 metric tons CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to removing approximately 30 cars from US roads — per building.

Creating a sustainable tomorrow

To future-proof buildings from increased risk and depreciation, Arden Realty's investment management arm knows the importance of implementing cost-effective measures to green its existing assets. Managing real estate sustainably enhances Arden's investor returns. From 2010 – 2012, Arden will have committed $140 MM to Capital Improvements throughout its portfolio, ensuring these renovations all used sustainable technology and materials.

Going 'Green' is not just about changing products and processes.  It's about changing attitudes and behaviors.  Arden recently launched its internal sustainability charter, designed to focus on internal sustainability training and awareness as well as an external sustainability campaign to educate and inform tenants.