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Values & Culture

Mission Statement

As one of the nation's premier commercial real estate landlords, Arden Realty combines the in-house expertise and best practices of its knowledge leaders across the business and provides:

  • Performance as an organization aligned for execution
  • Value-enhancing strategies
  • Ability to successfully integrate portfolios seamlessly and rapidly
  • Operational excellence that drives efficient, repeatable processes
  • Data flow transparency and consistency
  • Market knowledge and skill
  • Unparalleled service to all of our customers

Living the values

Arden strives to embody important core values through "Living the Values" program. These values are:

  • Teamwork - Builds trust by respecting and listening to ideas and contributions
  • Accountability - Takes responsibility for decisions, actions and results
  • Creativity - Generates new and unique ideas and makes fresh connections as an original thinker
  • Reliability - Credibility built from experience and a strong reputation (the go-to person)
  • Leadership - Utilizes knowledge and expertise as a source of confidence to drive growth
  • Integrity - Maintains the highest moral and professional standards of honesty, respect and dignity


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