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Tenant Referral

Arden Realty and our standing commitment to being your "Partners for Success", is further demonstrated through an exclusive program offered to our existing tenants that can enhance and improve their business environments. The Tenant Referral Program is for Arden tenants who refer new tenants that ultimately sign leases within Arden buildings. Tenants can refer tenants to the building(s) they are located in, to other Arden buildings in their region, or other buildings in any of the eight regions in which Arden currently has properties.

Arden Tenant Referral Program Benefits

    • Win Arden points and high-quality merchandise
    • Refer a business colleague and be closer to your business partners
    • Refer tenants, win points, upgrade your office
    • The more you refer, the more you earn, no limits

To learn more about the program, click the image below:

Arden Tenant Referral